Edward Meyer schrieb:

Is there a village near Hannover by the name of Oldendorf? It may be that
my ancestors )Grassmann) came from that village. Thank you. Edward Meyer

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Hi Edward,
there are more OLDENDORF but none close to Hannover:

Oldendorf near = 33829 Borgholzhausen
Oldendorf near Bonsen, Kr. Uelzen = 29587 Natendorf
Oldendorf near Bremervoede = 27404 Zeven
Oldendorf near Celle = 29320 Hermannsburg
Oldendorf near Elze, Leine = 31020 Salzhemmendorf *)
Oldendorf an der Goerde = 21369 Nahrendorf
Oldendorf in Holstein = 25588 Oldendorf
Oldendorf, Luhe = Oldendorf
Oldendorf, Nordheide = 21279 Appel
Oldendorf, Kr. Osterholz = 27729 Holste
Oldendorf, Kr. Stade = 21726 Oldendorf
Oldendorf near Stralsund = 18445 Oldendorf
Oldendorf, Wiehengebirge = 49324 Melle

*) this might be the Oldendorf you are looking for. It is not fare away
from Hannonver.
Klaus Vahlbruch