Hello everybody,

My grandmother Augusta Magdalena Wowereit, born 16 May 1897 in Königsberg. Does anybody know about her family name ? I believe she had about 4 siblings and about 7 half siblings. Many fled to Denmark around 1918-19. I'm very keen on getting information on her parents.

Hope some one has some information.


Hallo Martin,
the name Wowereit can be prussian (wowere) or lithuanian (vovere) and means "squirrel". The ending -eit means "son of...". They come originally from the region Darkehmen - Goldap.
In 1941 lived in Königsberg only families Wowerat, Woweries, Wowries.

Are you sure that they fled to Denmark in WWI ? Not in WW II ?
Beate Szillis-Kappelhoff

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