Westfalen locations in 1740-1760

Dear list:
In researching my WALTRICH ancestors that emigrated from Germany to the
Hungarian BANAT, I found references to their having come from Westfalen and
Sauerland. Unfortunately no villages were named. I checked the list of
marriage witnesses and Godparents and found references to the following
German origins:: Sickinger-Hohe (1761) aus Sikking Nemethonban; Zeselberg;
Schemling (1771 this may be a Banat village ?); Schildgebirge (1771)
Heidenburg; Helmslangez. In one case I found the following: Herkunft:
Churkolnisch/Saurland. Qu: Fr.Germann
Did Westfalen in the period 1740-1770 have villages so named? And if so,
were they located in the Saurland? Since witnesses and godparents were
obviously relatives or friends I thought this might provide a way of
narrowing my geographical search. Unfortunately, I have not found a map of
Westfalen for the time frame mentioned that allows me to see the
relationships among these locations.
Your assistance is most appreciated.

Henry L Waltrich