Wendelsheim bei Alzey

Thank you VERY much, Friedrich! This is more than I knew about the history
of that part of Pfälz, and I am grateful to you for your excellent reply. I
will share this with my Wendel relatives in America.

In addition to the Wendels I mentioned, I am also descended from the
Brombach and Fischbach families who came to Virginia in 1714 and settled in the
Germanna Colony. These families were from Müsen, near Siegen. There is a web
site about this colony:

_http://www.germanna.org/_ (http://www.germanna.org/)

Also, I am descended from the Munzinger family of Miesau-Bruchmühlbach -- I
am a member of the Familienverband der Pfälzer Munzinger and attended their
Familientag last year at Otterberg. If I can ever help you with information
about these families, I would be happy to do so.

Thank you again.

Best Wishes,
Don Boyd