Varel CD "Marily"

Dear Marily,
  I am William Wessels from Purmela, Texas. My P GF left Germany in
1909, his name was Heinrich Frederich Gerhardt Wessels, as best I can
tell his Father was Frederich Wessels and resided in or near Varel.
Do you have any listings on your CD. I have been stuck and unable to
track back any further than my grandfather. Any help or directions
would be greatly appreciated.


My name is Marilyn, indidentally. I must have quit too soon on some email
I sent. I'm just curious. How did you know I have a CD of Varel?

Yes, of course, I'll be glad to check. Would you please give me more
information, however? There are pages and pages of Wessels. Could you
please give me his exact birth date? The records are arranged somewhat
chronologically by family, so that will help a lot. Do you know how old
he was when he immigrated?

Where is Purmela, Texas?

Greetings from Racine, Wisconsin, where it is currently 60 degrees.