Uptmoor, Tombrägel, Tumbrägel, Krim penfort

I have some information concerning the Tombrägel Family. My Uncle, Albert
REPKING, married Agnes Katherine WENTE. They lived in Bishop Township,
Effingham County, Illinois. Agnes is descended from Herman Heinrich zum Brögel,
who was born about 1625 in Lohne. His Grandson was named Herman TOMBRöGEL.

Clemens UPTMOR married my Great-Aunt, Anna Marie Elizabeth NEEHUES in
Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio on September 24, 1839 in the Holy Trinity
Catholic Church. The spelling of her Family name was changed to NIEHAUS after the
rest of her Family settled in Teutopolis, Illinois. I have the NIEHAUS
ancestors back to Joann Henri NEEHUES who was born about 1730. He married
Elizabeth KOOPMAN on October 15, 1754 in Cappeln, amt Cloppenburg, Oldenburg at the
St Peter and Paul Catholic Church.

The Father of Johan Henrich UPTMOR is also named Johann Hienrich UPTMOR.
His wife was Margaret Elizabeth SIEVERDING. I do not have any dates for them.
Anna Margaret NORDLOHNE, the wife of Johan Henrich UPTMOR and Mother of
Clemens UPTMOR, died in Teutopolis, St Francis Township, Effingham County,
Illinois on October 23, 1856 and is buried in St Francis Catholic Church cemetery.

I can send you a GED containing any of the persons listed above.

Father Maurus (Francis Albert HAWICKHORST) is currently serving as a
Missionary in Brazil. He might not respond to your inquiry because he does not
always receive E-Mail service.

Ronald J Repking
Flossmoor, Illinois

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o b e n T h o e l e U n f r i d U n f r i t t V e d d e r V o r t
m a n W i l i k e n

The father of Anna Maria Elisabeth Uptmoor Johann Heinrich Uptmoor was born at 17.05.1733 in Lohne - Bokern and died 11.10.1808, his wife Margaretha Elisabeth Sieverding was born at 07.09.1747 in Lohne and died at 29.12.1779.

Heinrich Tumbr�gel
Langenfeld, Germany

Sieverding was born