Good Grief!

What has happened to American Ingenuity?
Any information written in a language other than the American language, can be translated for Free on the Internet by using "Copy" from the site there written, then "Paste" onto a Free translation site.
If someone from another land, is willing to share Genealogical information on your Ancestors, please show your appreciation by doing something yourself!
C. Adams
Cincinnati, Ohio

all mechanical translations are horrible. A human translations is mostly verible better. Ask your questions in english and anyone should answer or translate this.
Gretings from germany
Fritz wrote:

Fritz is right. Mechanical translations leave much to be desired, and if
used exclusively could even lead to a false understanding of the
information. One of the nice things about any of these genealogy email
lists is that people are so willing to help each other. There's always
someone willing to assist with a few lines here and there. If the piece
needing translation is extensive, I don't hesitate to hire someone. The
information is important to me and the cost is never that great.

Greetings from Wisconsin,