Towns in Hannover

Hi Barbara:

Try this URL:

It is not a very detailed map of a section surrounding Bremmerhaven, but it will
give you an idea of the area as I describe the location of the towns you are
interested in.

Etzorn is a part of Oldenberg, which is west of Bremen and south of Bremmerhaven.

Shiffdorf is just south of Bremmerhaven.

Osterndorf is in Kries Cushaven, which is north of Bremmerhaven.

Stolel is south of Bremmerhaven, about one third of the way to Bremmen. Since
you list Flethe Amt Stole, Flethe should be close and very small.

Since I am not familiar with this part of Germany, I don't know if it was in the
Kingdom of Hannover. I am sure someone else on the List can answer that. Also
others may be able to help you with locating records you need.

Here is what I find with the Family History Center LDS:
Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Stotel - Church records
Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Stotel - Genealogy

Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Schiffdorf

It appears that they were/are in Hannover.

I found nothing for Oldenberg.

I found the following for Cuxhaven, but it might not be right because it lists

Germany, Hamburg, Cuxhaven - Church records
Germany, Hamburg, Cuxhaven - Directories
Germany, Hamburg, Cuxhaven - Taxation


Hallo try Gruß Susanne