Tott Totten

I am looking for information on the Tott/Totten family, and in particular
Martin Heinrich Tott/Totten (b. 1727).

I believe Martin was born in 1727 in Wolbrechtshausen, Germany; married
Katharine Maria Engel on 20 Jul 1754 in Wolbrechtshausen; died on 15 Aug
1801 in Wolbrechtshausen. I believe he served in the military ['militaer']
and was a 'hauswirt und pensionar'.

I got this information from a family tree I have (prepared in the 1930s) and
from looking very briefly at the original church records of Wolbrechtshausen
(though they were extremely difficult to read.)

Family legend says that the Tott/Totten family came from Sweden (I know
there are noble Tott/Thott families in both Sweden and Denmark) but so far I
have been unable to connect Martin Heinrich Tott/Totten to them. I would
like to know who Martin's parents were, where he/they came from and any
other related information.

Any help would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance for your help. Vielen Dank

Alison Minns