Surnames in Seehausen

I do not read German. I saw the village named Seehausen in your message. My Grandmother, Emma Marie Ludewicke SCHWECHTEN, was born in Vielbaum on May 8, 1852, to Johann Christoph SCHWECHTEN and Dorothea Elisabeth GUTENAU.

Johann Christoph was born in Uehlenhagen, Germany, January 26, 1807.

Vielbaum Church documents indicate that Emma's father Johann Christoph, died October 4, 1860, in Wilhelminenhof, Germany, He was survived by his wife and seven minor children. Emma has saved some personal letters dated 1861-1862 which are in my possession. The 1861 - 1862 dates on the majority of these letters suggest that the letters, or personal notes, were letters of condolence possibly sent to Dorothea. Emma M. L. would have been about ten years of age at the time of her father's death. Some of these surviving notes (letters) were posted in Seehausen.

At the time of Emma M. L.'s birth Johann is listed as being a landholder in Wilhelminenhof and was Evangelisch.

On May 28, 1858 Johann is listed as being a landholder in Wilhelminenhof and was a councilman.

Johann and wife were listed as residing in Vielbaum / Wilhelminenhof.

On May 22, 1863 Johann Christoph was listed as being a linen weaver and village Mayor.

On the day of death it was recorded that Johann Christoph was of the Evangelical faith, was the village mayor and was survived by his widow and seven minor children. It is believed that the surviving family moved to Uehlenhagen. It is believed that Emma Marie eventually married and came to the United States. It is also believed that her first husband died in the United States and that she remarried August Samuel Friedrich LOHMANN, my paternal grandfather, who was born in Schonebeck on May 11, 1837.

1. Are you interested in the surnames of the people from Seehausen?

2. Can you give me any help on the surname of Emma M. L.'s first husband?

John Lohman

San Antonio, Texas