Strubic or Strubie


My 3rd great grandmother came from Hanover and was born in 1832. Her maiden name was Johanna Strubic or Strubie. We are not sure of the spelling. She had a sister by the name of Louisa and they came to the United States around 1850. I do not know her parents names, but I am trying to locate any information about the family. If anyone can help with this surname I would very much appreciate it.

Jeanne Miller
Texas, USA

Hi Jeanne:

   Not much help here, well maybe a little.

   I checked Castle Garden for all years and found no spellings Strubic or
   Strubie out of 774 people with names Strub* (wild card). Here are
   similar spellings I found:

   Strube 171 Strubbe 46 Strubi 6 Strubiy 5 Strubich
   (Strubik) 4 Struback 2 Strubey 2 Struby 3

   You have your work cut out for you with all these variations.

   This was just a study on name variations, as they may well not come in
   through Castle Garden. If they came in through the Gulf in the South,
   the ports of entry would be different. Try to locate their port of
   entry as there could well be records for ship arrivals.

   My recommendation to anyone trying to locate an ancestor is: Make a
   list of all the life events in your own life and add death (as you are
   still alive). Work those life events backward for both Johanna and
   Louisa. Use your imagination. If one won a quilting contest in 1910,
   that could be an recorded event. Also the names you have may not be
   their given names but a second name, etc. If they happened to be named
   after a mother, they may have become Known by a second given name to
   avoid family confusion.

   Without more information, looking in the KOH (Kingdom of Hannover)
   would be difficult. Also they probably came from the KOH, not the city
   of Hannover. The German Federation did not exist until 1871.

   Lots of luck,

   Gale Boesche

   Iowa now California

Thank you Gale, I will check these. I am hoping the two sisters names might lead me to the family.


Hi, Jeanne, my Engl. is bad. Ich fand in Hannover Telefonbuch den
   Namen Strubl.Strube, Strubi. Mfg. Marion

Hi Jeanne!

Here's another suggestion - try looking for church records where the sisters lived. If they were in a German-speaking community, chances are that the church records might have more detailed information. For example, when I was researching my husband's family in Illinois, the church baptism register listed the place of origin for the parents, not the place where they were currently living. Sometimes there is also a membership list, and that might contain clues as well, especially if you can find the year they joined the church - then it might say where they came from (usually it would be another church, but in this case, might list the home town).

Re the first names, Gale is absolutely right. Usually girls were named Maria Something or Anna Something. Since everyone had Maria or Anna as a first name, they were more likely to be known by their middle names.

Another thing you might try is this website -

You type in the surname you're looking for, and it will show you where that name appears today in Germany. The darker the color, the more people there are with that surname. Try all the variations that Gale gave you to see if that helps narrow down the search area.

To get more variations on surname spelling - because spellings changed over time - try here -

Type Strubic or variation in the surname field and see what else comes up.

Hope this helps.