Stephanists who emigrated from Saxony to America in 1839

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I just came across a nice booklet called " Stephanists who emigrated from Saxony to America"..

It shows the hardships the emigrants encountered during their voyage and then a "new" life in the USA.

It has 124 pages, but the mosts interesting ones are at the beginning and
everything is on both, German and English..
It also would be a good exercise to learn the "old German script".. :wink:

Not to many names are listed, but I really enjoyed reading it..

Have fun reading it and "talk" to you later,



I wonder if I could seek some assistance. I have located this record:

Inventory: KB ice - Lutheran. Church in Thuringia (EKM)
. Classification group: superintendency Meiningen
.. 1 Meiningen
-> List of units of description of the stock Lutheran. Church in Thuringia
-]]> Properties of the stock Lutheran. Church in Thuringia (EKM)
Church: Lutheran. Church in Thuringia (EKM)
Parish: City Church, rural mountain
Official act: baptisms (Tf)
Duration: 1793-1809
Note: K 4 / 1-11
Microfilm: Kf 4/2

I have no idea if these records are online or where I might find them. I am
searching for the birth records of three individuals:

   - Katharina Barbara Kallenbach
   - Magdalena Fisher

   - Margaret Bayer Boyer Bihar

Katharina Barbara Kallenbach
b. 9 Apr 1800 in Meiningen
m. 1. Mr Fisher about 1820 or 1821
*Magdalena Fisher* b. 6 Dec 1822, Germany
Israel Fisher b. abt 1824/26
John Fisher b. abt 1826
Emigrated to Canada abt 1828-29
Landed in US in error and returned to Europe where Mr Fisher died.

m. 2. Mr. Bayer/Beher
*Margaret Bayer **, b. 1 Jan 1831, Germany
Emigrated to Canada about 1831/33
Mr. Bayer died on board ship

m. 3. Adam Mager, 31 May 1835, Markham Ontario Canada