I am looking for my family that came from Hanover Germany. They came to the United States at different times. I think their father was Frederick born about 1815 Hanover. The children are
Flora born 1831, Johann Heinrich born 23-October-1835, Ernest Heinrich born 14-Feburary-1843, Charles born 26-Feburary-1846, Grace Marie (my Line) born about 1853, Kate and Mary.
I hope someone can help.
Indiana, United States

Hallo, Ich suche meine Familie, die aus Hanover Deutschland kam. Sie kamen in die Vereinigten Staaten zu den unterschiedlichen Zeiten. Ich denke, da� ihr Vater Frederick war, das �ber Hanover 1815 getragen wurde. Die Kinder sind getragene Flora die 1831, Johann Heinrich getragenes 23-October-1835, Ernest Heinrich getragenes 14-Feburary-1843, Charles getragenes 26-Feburary-1846, Anmut Marie (meine Linie) getragenes ungef�hr 1853, Kate und Mary. Ich hoffe, da� jemand helfen kann. Cindy Indiana, Vereinigte Staaten

Hi Cindy:

I'm guessing they may have come to/through Cincinnati [only because of your
Indiana address]. In the Cincinnati Volksblatt - 1846-1918, there are
Dorthea H. Maschmeyer (nee) Stegemueller who died 28 Dec1902 at 50 yrs 8 mos
and Charlotte Bohn (nee) Stegem�ller who died 28 Nov 1899 at the age of 72.

The oldest male was a Ludwig Stegem�ller who died 20 Oct 1876 at age 73 yrs
9 mos.

Closer to home, there's an Ernst Stegemiller, a farmer, in Pike Twsp., Ohio
Co., Indiana in the 1870 census. He's 55 years old though. He and wife
Catherine's first child Louise 18, were all born in Hannover. The next
child, Henry 16, however, was born in Indiana. So, they arrived abt 1853.

There is a Grace M. Stegamiller married to William Elbrecht 24 Feb 1876 in
Ohio Co, Indiana. Source is Marriage Book I, 1844-1881 Ohio Co, Indiana.
Compiled by Ruth Slevin, 1970.

Also, Contact Lee Ranick:
She has records showing Bulsten, Germany as the home of several same name
Stegemiller's [Frederich, Ernst] - it's worth a shot.

Good hunting

Gary Stoltman
Mercerville, NJ