Standamts-- civil registration office.?

Good day,

I am hoping that someone could explain anything about Standamts. Civil registers of the villages. I admit it is a resource that I have not used. Is it a good source. Do all of you use it. Are they cooperative, if you can find out where it is and write to them. Successful attempts? Or a dud?
Perhaps I should bookmark hannover list archives page. ??

Do you think they have sent their files to some kind of general area archives. Is there much to find at family search .org//// morman church? What should I use to locate this information. Remember, I am the one that can not get more than Luneburg or Hannover to show up in the regions, when I try to search for villages. The search form wants two places listed and it does not work for me!!!!

I hope you do not mind that I choose this topic. I know so little about it. The person who wrote me only wrote one letter and did not elaborate further. She said something about Hamburg de. When I got to that site, I did not see any link that would help me find standamts. It would be wonderful to be able to find marriages and deaths. I also wonder how much it will cost me per name for the information from civil register offices.

Help if you please.?

Thank you
Jo Meyer