Sorsum Church Records

Sponsors listed on an 1808 baptismal record for a gr-granduncle lists a
Johann Heinrich Roepke from Sorsum. The baptism took place in Elze
(south of city of Hanover) and a Sorsum lies just east of Elze. I'm
inclined to think this Roepke is the father of the child's mother,
therefore a gr-gr-gr-grandfather. Someone said this Sorsum church was
Catholic. Would anyone know where the church records would be held,
since Sorsum is quite small? It lies just west of Hildesheim.

I appreciate any assistance.
Irene Bulgerin

Hy Irene,
I live in Elze and a little village called Sorsum is 1 km far away from
us.Please contcat my what do you want to know and I�ll try to find it out.
I need exact names and dates. But ther is a little village called Sorsum
near by Hildesheim too. Witch Sorsum do you meen.
My e-mail is:

Greetings Ina

Irene Bulgerin schrieb:

Hi Irene,
I am also living in the Hildesheim area and today I asked a friend about the
village Sorsum near Hildesheim. There is a catholic Church there. I suppose
the church books would be in the catholic diozcese archive in Hildesheim.
Since you mention Elze as the birthplace, it might be the little village of
Sorsum near Elze. Since I teach in Elze, I have heard the name Roepke in the
Again, most church books are only available through the diocess not the
local church any more, but at this moment I am not sure about this fact. If
you need more help, let me know.