Searching for Carl August Ferdinand Wilcke

I am searching for all informations of my great-great grandfather Carl August Ferdinand Wilcke, born about 1828 in Preussen.

Here is what I know untill now:
Carl August Ferdinand Wilcke was married to Anna Paulina Von Halfern on 4.7.1855 in Muelheim An Der Ruhr, Rheinland, Preussen.
They had to sons:

Adalbert Ludwig Wilhelm Wilcke, born 10.8.1856 in Stralsund, Preussen-Pommern. Later on he moved to Denmark ( 1895 ). ( my great grandfather )
Carl Ernst Martin Wilcke, born 15.2.1859 in Sankt Mattheus, Bredow, Pommern.

Can anyone help me with informations about Carl August Ferdinand Wilcke, born about 1828

When and where was he born?
Who was his parents?
When and where did he died?

Any informations about Anna Paulina Von Halfern is also very appreciated.

Sorry, my english is not very well.

Thank you very much
Peter Wilhardt