Schutt - research

Looking for help in the Gnoein area of Mecklenburg where my grandfather and great grandfather came from.

father - John (Johann) F. Schutt, born August 10, 1845 - Mecklenburg

mother - Sophia Maria Zunk

son - Henry (Heinrich) F. Schutt, born August 29, 1870, Dolitz, Mecklenburg

daughter - Augusta Schutt, Abt. 1872 in New York

This must shows that the family immigrated to New York abt 1871
Any help with birth places or Marriage or ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Fred Schutt


Just wondering if you had checked the parish records after I sent you the
film numbers back in March? Didn't you find them in those records? Unless
the town of birth for Henry is wrong, then his record and that of siblings
should be there along with parents' marriages (or nearby parish). It is all
right there waiting for you in the church books! Most folks gets stumped by
not having a town. After you have a town you are pretty much home free if
they lived in this area of Germany. Records are fantastic!!!! Odds of having
someone just do the research for you are not good, and while it is not a bad
idea to post to see if anyone else is researching a line, it could be years
before anyone responds that is connected with this family and has already
done the research for you. You know where the treasure is, so go get a
shovel and dig it up!!!

Good luck,



Sorry I asked that question before, but I had forgotten!! Old age I guess! I
haven't tried those films yet, so now my goal is to go do it, thanks for the
reminder. Was hoping for a miracle!


No problem. Life does get in the way of genealogy for sure! If you don't
have the numbers handy, here they are:

69003, 69004, and 69005. The first ones that I would order would be the
69004 and 69005 that covers christenings, marriages and deaths from 1787 to
1875 and confirmations from 1787 to 1863.

Only reason that I remembered answering you before, was that I thought I had
given you wrong film numbers, but hadn't and also corrected my Mecklenburg
Gazeteer that had the right film associated with the other Boddin on the