Schröder/Schroeder: Buetzfleth


I have a great database covering families of the parish of Buetzfleth.
Therein following persons of the families Schroeder and Hellwege are specified:

A) Schroeder
in 1524 and 1542 Bernt Sch.
in 1647 Lueder Sch.
in 1710 Johann Sch.(a black-smith, age abt. 60 years), Christian Sch.(age
abt. 50 years), Johann Sch. (age abt. 26 years)
marriage on 23.05.1655 Johann Bawmann and Mette Sch.
marriage on 13.08.1671 Johann Sch. and Ancke Hacken

Children of Johann Sch. and Anna Sch.:
Barthold (a godfather of Hein Stueven on 07.02.1718)
Hinrich (* 06.11.1681
Sophia ( married on 19.10.1700 to Dierck Witschke)
Alheid (* 02.02.1684)
Maria Lisabeth (*17.04.1688)

Barthold Sch., a godfather of Jochen Frese on 29.01.1750

Maria Elisabeth Sch., * 18.01.1778, her parents: Andreas Peter August Sch.
and his wife Margarethe nee Marckwart

B) Hellwege
Margret H., a godmother of Margret Ohlen on 15.08.1777

Hinrich H. from Hechthausen married in Buetzfleth in 1726 to Catarina
Jacob H. a helmsman, age 26 years, sailed to England in 1808
Juergen Hinrich H., owner of a boat in 1810
Hinrich H., a shoemaker in 1810
Dierck H., a farmer in Buetzflether Moor in 1793

Darren, kindly advise name/period of your ancestors Schroeder and Hellwege in
Buetzfleth you are looking for and I shall see whether I can find more
informations on them.

Albin von Spreckelsen