Schindler of wansen, kochendorf and deutche lissa

New to list

Great Grand Parents
SCHINDLER, AUGUST and Mary Helena PFEIFER of Deutche Lissa.
August was a saddle maker in Prussian Army

SCHINDLER, JOSEF AUGUST b. September 5, 1873 Kochendorf, Olhau
Josef was a butter maker

Great Uncle and Aunt
SCHINDLER, PAUL ROBERT b. unknown. d. 1909 Wansen (occupation hunter)
SCHINDLER, MARY b. unknown d. unknown possibly married to Karbstein

Looking for Schindler's, Pfeifer's and Karbstein's of Kochendorf, Wansen
or Schindler of Deutche Lissa.

I am not able to read German however can have information translated.

Thanks for any assistance and glad to have found this list through Gregor