Schildwachter family

I am a new lister looking for information on the Schildwachter family of
Posen. Andrew Schildwachter emigrated to Cincinnati, OH in 1849, was married to
Sophie Germann. August Schildwachter emigrated in 1863 to Cincinnati, and
married Rosina Peiper in the U.S. I don't know her German line at all. Eventually
both families moved to Hamilton, OH. Both families were Catholic, but I
think the men were not brothers, maybe cousins or uncle/nephew. August and
Rosina's several children were Mary, Anna (my grandmother), Catherine, Josephine,
and August. Would appreciate knowledge of the family's heritage in the Posen
area before migration. To my knowledge, this family is not in LDS information,
is not the family which settled in the N.Y. area, and is not of another
Schildwachter line, contacted with much help in Munich.

Marcia Whitcomb, Denver