[SAXONY] German researcher

Hello All,

I hope you had a good start into the New Year and I wish you ALL the best for 2013 !!

Well, Brenda, you hit the nail right on the head !!
This question is being asked over and over again on all mailing lists,
and there is no easy answer for this ...

  I just wish we could ALL work together to get some kind of an answer..
A few years ago I started to assemble a few researchers:
But unfortunately, there was not to much response to it
and the website kind of died... :frowning:

Is there any way to get this alive again ??
I can't do everything just by myself and I need your help..
We should ALL work together and share our experiences
good and bad we had in the past..
We need everyone to pitch in !!

Of course, as always, there are a lot of options to accomplish this..
We could put the website: http://wiki-en.genealogy.net/German_Researchers
to life again.. Or we can start a new database on our homepage:
http://www.germanyroots.com/ or we can go to our new website:
http://www.germanyemigration.com/ and start something entirely new...

I am looking forward to any of your ideas and wish you all a good night !!


Hello Wolf and Happy New Year to you too. I like the looks of either of
these sites. Both are clear and concise. Possibly the "roots" would be
better as the other seems to focus on 'emigration'. Depends on what most
people are looking for. I'd say Roots makes most sense to me.
Becky in MI

Hi Wolf.

                                I can personally recommend Dr Sylvia, M�HLE. Her email address is. Sylvia.moehle@t-online.de She is very thorough & can read Sutherlin & will translate to English. Her Fee is modest . She did some difficult work for me in Jembke with complete success.

                                 Cheers, Bill.

  I can also recommend
Jens Mueller-Koppe
Oslebshauser Heerstrasse 147
D-28239 Bremen
-> www.hist.de <-

His email is hrs@hist.de.

I met him in the Hannover Church Archives and after running into a brick
wall when I returned home, I contacted him to do some research for me. I
found him to be very helpful and thorough in his research.

Carole Oetke Townsend