Riemer, Rienke

Hello List, I am new to your list and certainly hope someone can help me with a problem, I regret my ability to write German is practically non existant, and my ability to read is very very mediocre, so if it is necessary to write in German that is alright i will figure out if itis for me or not. And if possible please respond in English, Thanks so much.
Bev Gurtler Wasilla, Alaska.

1. Family Riemer, Reimer, --- Obituaries say that Gottfried Riemer was born in STRENTZ, ( or any similiar spelling) Rosenberg. i have never been able tofind this place. When visiting in Poland on an Archaeological; dig I was taken to a small town near Gdansk called in old days Rosenberg, and there was supposed to be a small village named Krenz right next to it. See next listing.

2. Reinke, Rienke----Wife of Gottfired Riemer, above. Was listed as born in Krenz, and married in the small chruch in her home town where she was raised, and where she was Christened. Her name was Wilhelmina, her father was Wilhelm, her mother was Wilhelmina Inbelzen. ( I have never found another name like this one.) Does anyone have any idea where this town might be and where the records of the above places might be found.

I greatly appreciate any help. And sorry about the inability to correspond in German.
Vielen Dank
Bev Gurtler

Dear Mr. Gurtler,

in my book about localitiers in silesia unfortunatly I cann�t find the
place of STRENTZ. There is more in west a place named Gro�- and Klein
Strentz in county Wohlau. That is too far from Rosenberg.
Then there is a place STRANS in county Bunzlau, also too far west from
Rosenberg. If you are able to identify one of the places as the right, I
will inform you about the churches.

There is a place named Alt Kranz and Neu Kranz in County Glogau in northern
area of silesia
Further there is KRENSEL in county Rosenberg.To this place no information to
church-place is given) Perhaps Kreuzburg near Rosenberg.
I hope members of the list are able to find out more.
Sigrid Iwen