Request for obituary

I’m hoping someone can locate an obituary for Christian Heinrich Wilhelm Schütte who died at Levern, Westfalen on April 4 1904 at the age of 68 years.. He was husband to wife #1 Catherine Marie Kuhlmann and 2nd wife Anne Marie Charlotte Luise Meier.. both wives preceded him in death.

Thank you in advance for any help

Terri Schmitke

Hi Terri,

are you looking for a obituary in a newspaper, or for a death certificate?

If you are looking for a death certificate you may contact the city of Stemwede, where Levern belongs to today.

As an alternative, you may also contact the state archive in Detmold. In Detmold copies of all civil registry offices in Westfalia are kept.

For obituaries in newspaper you may check here:

or here:

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