Re: Wilking - Werneking

Helpful friends,

The name Werneking is spelled Warneking sometimes
in our family records, and I expected that we
might even be looking for Warneke or Werneling or
something like that -- but Wilking is a surprise.

In my experience, whatever spelling the first
ship's clerk wrote down was usually kept in the
new country, as that paper was passed on to the
next agent -- and we all know how good those guys
could spell! Her brother's name, however, is
spelled "Wasnecke" on the ship passenger list.

My Sophie's neice went back to Wietzen to visit in
1922, and at least one of her nephews or cousins
came to the US with her help. Here, they all used
the Werneking spelling. Somehow only two or three
generations later, we have lost all ties back to
the Hannover area. In the late 1800's exact
spelling was much less an issue, of course, and we
are all accustomed to name changes, both given and
surnames, in the new environment.

I'll keep reading microfilm, as usual -- have
spent only one session with the Nienburg censuses.
It's always a challenge. Thanks for your

Ernestine Wark, I have not forgotten to look for
your Ebeling and Gieseking.


    The LDS has records for Schlüsselberg from 1728 on.