RE: Re: Galdas, Braun, Osterloh

Dear Hugo,
WOW, so much info on a family that I thought was a large brickwall! I�ve posted on and off on the Oldenburg List and other German Lists for a few years but have never received a response until you and Paula contacted me. I am so VERY EXCITED and I know my Aunt, who�s 85 years old, will be thrilled. I can�t thank you enough for your reply. My aunt has been searching for our Osterloh family since after WW11. There was communication with the Osterloh relatives until WW11 broke out and then all letters were returned by the Germans as �undeliverable.� According to my Aunt, after the War my grandfather started writing again but there was never any reply to his letters. It was hard on my grandfather because his son, my Dad, was fighting against the Germans and my grandfather still had family in Germany.
I don�t know how Johann Haverkamp fits into the Osterloh family other than being on the birth certificate of Meta Margareta Galdas. Maybe he was a good friend of the family?
So far, I know very little of my great-great grandmother Beta Margareta Osterloh Galdas. I have a copy of a photo of Beta and her husband Berend Galdas taken on the wedding day of their daughter Meta, who married Ludwig Braun/Brown. Beta and Berend are a very stern looking couple.
Are you related to Beta Osterloh�s family?
Paula was kind enough to find my grandfather and his Aunt Mathilde Galdas on the ship records. Now I think maybe Mathilde was Meta�s sister?
The other problem we have is that Galdas is not a common name in Germany. Galdas is on the few documents we have and it is always spelled GALDAS. Have you come across that name in your research?
I would really love for you to share with me the book you�ve translated and will gladly pay for postage.
I wonder if my family is related to Dieter Osterloh.
I have to pull out letters that my great grandmother Meta kept from her mother Beta and send you a copy, names are mentioned but not last names. I think you�ll find the letters interesting.
Again, thank you for contacting me.