Re-posting Eynck Family Information

Dear friends,

There are also some Eyng (Eying, Eing, Eiing, Eiink, Eink) families in
Brazil. They descend from three couples:
- Bernard Eying and Theresia Locks
- Hermann Eing and Bernardine Laukamp
- Heinrich Eiink and Elisabeth Gesing

They are all from Westphalia and emigrated in the 1860's to South of Brazil
(State of Santa Catarina). Most descendents still live in this area.

Carlos Steiner
Campinas, SP, Brazil

Thanks for the information. There are striking similarities between the
last names of the immigrants to the Iowa area and those to Brazil. I have
seen several articles regarding the immigration from the Westphalia area to
South America. Now I have more research to do to tie the Eiink and Eynck
names together.

Take care. Bob Ott