Good morning, Barbara,

I suppose it is OSTENDORF and not Osterndorf where your Anna Christina
Müller was born in 1824 since at least two families of Müller were living there at
that time.

In the 19th century Ostendorf belonged to tha parish of Bremervörde.

In the list of emigrants of Ostendorf I have found following persons of the
families Müller:

In 1865 Christoph Müller - a son of Lütje Müller - 19 years old , emigrated
to New York.

In 1866 Johann Müller(24 years) and Cord Müller (21 years) - both were sons
of Lütje Müller too - emigrated to New York.

In 1872 Claus Müller (33 years) - a son of Lütje Müller too - and his wife
Anna nee Heinbockel emigrated to Minnesota, together with their children
Juliane(6 years), Christoph
(4 years), Johann (3 years) and Maria (1 year) and Claus` mother Margaretha
nee Kahrs
(63 years).

In 1872 Diedrich Müller emigrated to Baltimore.

Have a nice Sunday.
Albin von Spreckelsen