Re: Keep me on the list

Like Doug Plowman, I must have missed something.
Please let us know what to do to stay on this fantastic list!

Joanne Becker

Hi Joanne and Doug:

I am like you, I missed the message behind the long list of requests to "Keep me on the list." First of all, subscribing or unscribing to the list is done through the administrative URL given at the end of each e-mail on this list. When people subscribe, they are given information concerning the list and they receive confirmation e-mail once a month.

Secondly, I can't believe that the administrators could have the time to go through the genealogy listings to determine each subscribers needs. That is why the URL for administrative contacts.

I believe that this all happened because someone indicated that everyone on the list should submit all the names which they are researching. I don't believe that this is necessary, because the Hannover-L has an archive, which each subscriber can access and search. Now that archive has grown larger with simple lists of names with no additional information about them.

I want to make it clear, that I am not an administrator, but simply pointing out the fact that this list is free and we should do everything to make it easier for the list owners, including saving space.