RE: Franz Schubert series


There was a posting about the Franz Schubert's series
for Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Forgive my ignorance but I
have never heard of this.

Franz Schubert produced an amazing body of genealogical work for the areas
of Mecklenburg, Vorpommern and Hinterpommern. A webpage listing some of his
publications can be found at Karin Schoepke's web page:

As far as I know they are all in German. Some of his works, such as the
Index to the 1819 Mecklenburg census are available through your local LDS
Family History Center on microfilm and microfiche.

Dave Thies

A complete listing with current prices can be found at:

This is the website for the publisher.

Klaus Dieter Cook
Houston, Texas

Die Adresse <> ist richtig.Dann geht es weiter mit
einem Klick auf "B�cher & CDs"und weiter mit einem
Klick auf "Landesgeschichte Nord>
Dann kommt man zu den Schubert - B�chern

The adress <> is right. Than you have to
click "B�cher & CDs" and next
click "Landesgeschichte Nord"
There you will find the Schubert- Books.
Greetings from Hamburg
Hans Juergen

Klaus Dieter Cook schrieb: