Re: [FamNord] Von D�HREN -

Hello Jacobus Hannema and listers

My WEYER family seems to have originated in Holland. I imagine were
merovingean Frankish.

In Holland and in West Provinces of Germany there were many Wappens/coats
of arms for the
various branches. What would be the best way to obtain information from,
BEFORE year 1700.

Maurice Woolsoncroft

Hallo Mr Woolsoncroft ,

I'm afraid I cannot help you in this matter . I suggest you
try the Centraal Bureau for Genealogie in Den Haag . The
site is : Then fill in de name Weyer , and
click on the small square "familiewapens" . There is also
an author Weyer about the family from 1657 : click on "familienaam auteur"
: it is a pity that it is all in dutch .

Succes ,
Jacobus Hannema .