Re: Conrad Reinhold

Dear Susanne,

thanks so much for your reply. When I first started to look for dates for
my grandfather (a couple of years ago), I did check out the site for the
Vermissten und Toden Datenbank of the Volksbund. I found the Conrad you
mentioned, who died 22.3.1918, but as my grandmother married again in 1918
and died the same year during a failed abortion attempt, I always thought
that he must have died earlier.

Checking again last week, I found a Konrad Reinhold, who died on 17.5.1917.
The timing could be better, but again no place of birth or dates were given.

I have quite a lot of information on my mother's side, going back to 17..,
but I really would love to know more about my father's lineage. My parents
and older relatives are dead and I live in England now. My parents lived in
Hannover, but I do not know where my grandparents lived. I have a photo of
my grandfather Conrad Reinhold standing next to an old steam train (I think
he was a train driver or machinist) which was said to have been taken at
the station of Fischerhof; but on the copy of the same photo I got later it
mentions that it was taken in Bäuern in Eichsfeld.

I remember jokes in my family about my grandfather coming from
'Reinholderode', but don't know whether that was a joke or whether there
really was a place like this.

Next week I will go to Leeds University to have a look at some old atlas
from Germany. Perhaps I can find something there. Would the LDS be of help,
do you think?


I have an Ernst August Heinrich Reinhold in my data. He was born 29.12.1838 in
Hinterheide, parish Kotzenau, in Silesia. He was level crossing attendant at the railway.

Best regards,
Hubert Bomas

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