Preußen ist groß - WO KOMMEN GENANNTE HER? Where do they come from?- Wer kann helfen? Help wanted!

Peter Riecke and Anna(maiden name of Roddan or Schottinger ) Where did they marry?

started to immigrate to USA in February 1882 from Hamburg

perhaps with his parents John Fredrick Riecke and Juliana D. Jorgenson

Peter Riecke was born February 1,1853.

His wife,

Anna, maiden name of Roddan or Schottinger) was born October 7, 1853.

Coming to USA, they lived in

Chicago for a period of time

Before moving on to South Dakota.

Their son

John Friedrich Henry Riecke was born June 1, 1883 in Chicago

Their son

William Frederick Riecke (my wife's grandfather) was born August 9, 1884 in Chicago.

Parents of Peter Riecke,

John Fredrick Riecke, born March 7, 1822,

And his wife

Juliana D. Jorgenson, born March 27, 1828, also came to America., They married perhaps in 1853 or before. WHERE?

Passenger's Name: Peter Riecke (traveling with wife Anna, age 27)

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: Farmer
Last Residence: Prussia

Date of Arrival: Mar. 01, 1882
Final Destination: USA
Purpose for Travel: Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Ship's Name: Silesia
Manifest ID Number: 36465
Port of Embarkation: Hamburg & Havre
Mode of Travel: Steerage

Thanks for help

Klaus Riecken