Plat Deutsch pronunciation

I'd like to thank everyone on the list who has contributed to my understanding of the "o" umlautpronunciation.
Don Roddy
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Rena MCCARTHY <> wrote :

Hello Big Chieftan,
I'm from the north of England and we were taught to purse the lips and
pronounce the vowel something like the vowel in the French word 'oef' (egg)
or the sound of the vowel in the English 'hurt' - definitely not the vowel
sound in the word 'under'.
Hope you're having fair winds.

Here is a great link for those of you interested in Plattdeutsch. This site includes an English/German
dictionary and if you click on the link for Plattdeutsch, it will take you
to a High German/Platt dictionary. A book that is very interesting called
Platt D��tsch, A Brief History of the People and Language, is available from
the Platt D��tsch Press, 10748 100th St., Alto, Michigan 49302. Written by
Robert Stockman, it contains a very thorough discussion on the language and
an excellent English/Platt dictionary.