Passengerlist Quebec, Canada 1847 - death records Buffalo, NY

I look for a passenger list from Bremen/Bremerhaven to Quebec, Canada, in the spring 1847.
I search the Johann Heinrich Fangmann family of Steinfeld, with parents and two child. On the same ship should be Anton Kirchhoff and Anna Maria Meyer.
On the trip from Quebec to New Vienna, Iowa died the mother Maria Catharina Fangmann(Meyer) and the son Franz Henrich Fangmann in Buffalo, NY 1847.

Have any one an idea to find the passenger list and the death records in Buffalo, NY?

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You can try looking here for passenger list information for the year 1847. However as the site explains, few Canadian passenger list records prior to 1865 survived. You can also try the Canadian site at but again few records are available prior to 1865. Perhaps you can discover information at stopping ports in England, France or the US before your ancestors arrived in Canada.

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I checked the sites, but without success. I seems, they lost the pasenger lists for Quebec until 1865.

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