Parish records

Where to find parish with records for a dorf ?type or paste code here
I think lists all the records by chuch and government offices? I dont know what the function codes mean -I will have to learn them.
Can anyone direct me to a place that explain Meyer',s coding?

You need to be more precise. What village, were? Catholic or protestant?

I currently seek records for Dost ancestors with Streckewalde Sachsen as birthplace,but some records
show n records a church in Zwickau as confirmation place.I am subscribed to Archion which Dresden parish records haven’t been scanned,I am told.

Hello Roland,

as you are subscribed with Archion, I suppose you are sure that you look
for protestant churchbooks - otherwise, you have to look elsewere.

I am not doing research in Saxonia, and you are posting in a general
category for any questions that are not covered by the numerous regional

I recommend that you ask your questions, mentioning exactly what you are
looking for, in the Saxonia category

Good luck,

I was asking in a general way about how I should go about find the hierarchy of both religions and goverment for a given place.not a specific place-Streckewald was just an
example- my ancesters came from all the provinces of Germany,Denmark,Norway and Great Britain-some 4000 people im my trees.

Use our GOV
You can find a description here
There you will also find links to other location databases

Search for your locations

Note that place names can be used more than once, so choose the right place.
Then you can see the historical affiliation of a place.

I hope I have helped you.


I found new family location: taufen 1809 Bialogard butm emigrated from Neustrelitz 1857 to USA-wisconsin. What list here would have results around those two places. How can I send records from ACHION that I cannot read to members who be willingt to translate?

[Roland_Kisling] Roland_Kisling
25. Mai
How can I send records from ACHION that I
cannot read to members who be willingt to translate?

Easy and free of charge within Archion is a screenshot, but you should
screenshot more than the entry in question itself - so others cann see
how the writer writes certain letters. You could also produce a link
(permalink) in Archion and add it to your message for all who can access
the record themselves.

Kind regards,

Bialogard is in Pommern, see or
Białogard - Wikipedia
In Discourse:

Neustrelitz is in Mecklenburg, see or
Neustrelitz - Wikipedia
In Discourse: mecklenburg-l -


I mwill try to usem the permalink more! Thank you for advising!