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Hello Friends,

I hope you all had nice holidays and are ready to get going with a new
"spirit" to demolish
the well known "brick walls" we all have with our researches..

Many of you will remember, about a couple years ago when we started a
new forum and everyone was
quite excited about it and it was growing rapidly for a while..
But after some time the interest declined quite a bit and there were
hardly any visitors
and contributions anymore. Even without any participation from our members,
I was kept busy with removing the increasing spam load on a daily basis
and I when I closed
the forum, hardly anyone noticed it..

The internet keeps changing rapidly and in order to stay up-to-date,
we steadily have to modernize our websites and mailing lists.

Now I want your opinion if it makes sense to add Facebook to our website
in order
to connect our mailing lists, websites and Facebook to one unit..
Some of you even might prefer to use Facebook instead of the mailing lists..

I don't know too much about Facebook yet, is there anyone out there to
give me a hand (or two)
to get things started orderly ??

I made a rough layout, but without too much content yet..
Please take look:

Have a nice long weekend and, please, let me know what you think about it..

Wolf [Zscheile]

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