Olsmit, Ohlschmidt, Olsmirl

I relize that this website is for the Hanover area, But I hope someone can help me?
I am looking for information on ANTON (ANTHONY) (last name spelling's that I have) OLSMIT, OHLSCHMITD, OLSMIRL
          This is the information that I have:

* Born - 1862 in Bohemia, Germany

* OHLSCHMIDT, ANTON 21 years at 17, May 1883 , Bohemia , Rine(ship) , Arrived at New York. I found it in the Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, NY 1881 - 1886, Galveston 1880 - 1886, Volume IV.

* At the hall of records in Albany, Naturalization; Olsmirl, Anton, ( Pledged) here-Oct 24, 1888, from Germany, Settled in Albany, NY witness, Charles A Young, on March 21, 1893. I also found; Declaration Name; Olsmirl, Anton, Birth place; Germany, Age; 26 years, Nation Allegiance; Germany, Whence Migated; Breuman , Settlement intended; Albany, NY When sworn: Oct 24, 1888;

There is a German-Surname-L so you might check it out. Also, check
http://foko.genealogy.net to see if anyone is also searching the name. The
sight allows you to search the beginning of the name, which sounds like the
best for you.

Good luck

Bonita Hillmer
Searching in Lower Saxony -- Niedersachsen, German

Lady Bonita
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, USA