Oldendorf, Lintig, Hanover, BEHRENS, WINTJEN, BASSEN, and RADEMAKER

Hello Paula,

there are various towns resp. villages Oldendorf in the area which was
formerly the Kingdom of Hannover and since 1866 the province Hannover in the Kingdom
of Prussia. Nowadays this
is Lower Saxony.

I am sure it is the Oldendorf located abt. 6 miles west of the town of Stade
in the nothern part of Lower Saxony from where your ancestors Behrens and
Rademacher had come because these surnames of both families are shown in records
of this Oldendorf. I have a copy of a surveying record of this Oldendorf dated
1841 wherein the persons Jacob Behrens, Hinrich Rademacher and Johann
Christian Rademacher are specified.

The address of the parish office of this Oldendorf is:
Ev.-luth. Kirche
Hauptstr. 14
21726 Oldendorf (Kreis Stade)

Ringstedt is a village in Lower Saxony too, located abt. 12 miles north-east
of the town of Bremerhaven. The address of its parish office is:
Ev.-luth. Pfarramt
27624 Ringstedt

As to the Certificate of Discharge mentioned by you I think this is the
permission to emigrate
issued for Jakob Wintjen by the Prussian Government certifying that he is
discharged from the military service in the Prussian army.

Albin von Spreckelsen