Oldenburg-L Digest, Vol 98, Issue 16 :"Vergleichstabelle von Redeker "

Hi Marlene ,

I have seen a good number of Varrel or Varel Ahlers accounted for under the Hude parish. Having said this ...I refer you to......
I refer you to another document "Vergleichstabelle von Redeker ".. Familien im Flecken Harpstedt .I do not know if you know any German still, but this document assists greatly in attempting to bridge the gap in the loss of years of church records after a 1739 fire which destroyed most of Harpstedt parish which served Sage Simmerhausen Brettorf and Harpstedt . Mr von Redeken must have been an insurance assessor or tax adjuster for he did a magnificent job and set out who lived in all of the Harpstedt houses in 1739 and in 1759 and in 1763 Hence church records from 1712 to 1739 were burnt , So you must use the best of your common sense ,but it is good to know that you will never discover anything from the church for that period . Fires also destroyed many of the Hude church documents .
It discloses inter alia that Johan Berndt Ahlers lived at Loge streasse in West Harpstedt in 1739 ..It suggests that this was Johann Berend Ahlers born 1727 in Harpostedt married to Gesche Ostermann ,his second wife . in 1759 Johann Ahlers lived there ,in 1758 also Heinrich Ahlers which I have married to Gesche Anna Krueder in Harpstedt in 1792 and also Joh. Berend Ahlers born 1774. Joh Henrich Ahlers BORN 1756 is also linked with the Brinkmann former Home ,at Loge strasse Henrichs first wife was Anna Maria Brinkmann . So these " Vergleichstabelle"(records of comparison) all make sense.