I'm new to this list and it's been 40 years since I learned any German so
please bear with me.

First I have been trying to find a map of Oldenburg on the net but can't find
a good one. Does anyone know where I might find one?

My grgrandmother ELSA WENDT came to America by herself to Columbus Nebraka
abt. 1886 from Oldenburg Germany. She was born 1847 in Oldenburg and died in
Peabody Kansas in 1941. Her parents were HERMAN B. WENDT b. 1841 d. 1915
both in Oldenburg. Her mother was ANNA KATHRINE WENDT (don't know maiden
name) b. 1846, d. 1906 both in Oldenburg. From a marked picture recently
found she had a brother named Henry. Elsa married DEITRICH BURDORF who was
born in Hanover Germany 1863 and supposedly stowed away on a ship to America
to avoid the army in the early 1890's.

I also have letters to a great aunt from "cousin WILLIE WENDT" DATED
1970-1972. In one dated 12-15-72 he talked about a hurricane that did damage
to forests, houses, etc. As of this date they still had no phone, power or
water. His address was Bissel, Grossenkneten, Oldenburg. He had two
daughters, one named Magna, (between them they had nine children) and a
brother (and his son) living at this time.

If anyone know where I might start looking for and researching this WENDT
family I would appreciate it. Also about the 1972 hurricane and some help
with a map

Thank you
Nancy - Kansas USA.

Hi Nancy,
we have Wendt in our ancestor list, but only 1800 and before. They are from
Langf�rden near Vechta, former grandduchy Oldenburg.
As for the hurricane, I remember very well. It was 13 Nov 1971. Our class
started for a one-week school tour to Berlin. The bus started from
Meppen/Emsland and I joined at Lingen, c. 20 km south. The bus was 4 hours late
because the Federal Road no. 70 was blocked by hundreds of damaged trees and the
Army had to make free the road with tanks.
If you look for detailed maps in that area, go to http://www.geolife.de/map100/.