Hello Maude Ann and Paula Lischen,

A short explanation of the Wemmi/Wemmie/Wemmij/Wemmje-discussion in this list.

I asked the list for information about Oltman Derks Wemmij, my 5-grandfather born in 1776 in Westerstede or Ocholt near Oldenburg. He came to Holland and founded the Wemmi-line there.

I got a few reactions. Through one of them (Gerd von Husen) I got a selection of adressen and phone numbers of Wemmies and Wemmjes near Oldenburg. I just saw a selection of this same kind in this Oldenburg-list (Werner Honkomp).

Futhermore Fritz Buentemeyer gave me the adres of Gerd Janssen. Since Gerd has no internet connection I will write him a letter with my request.

Given your questions about the Wemmie-people I 'll also put your question in my letter to Gerd Janssen.

As soon as I get Gerds answer (and I hope he will answer) I 'll let you- and the list - know.

So stay tuned.


Oltman Dirk Kuipers, called Dick

Wonderful! Thank you for your generous offer. Please advise me of any expenses.
Maude Ann

Hello to all Wemmje researchers,

I talked to Gerd Janssen this morning and he wish to get your request personally. He preferred a letter with your information and questions to his post address.

Gerd Janssen
Zwischenahner Strasse 60
26655 Westerstede

English isn't a problem for him. Sorry for one week delay. I were ill and must lie in bed last weekend.

Nice weekend

Dick Kuipers schrieb:

Thanks anyway for your help Fritz,
I will send Gerd Janssen a letter and report if something comes out.
Regards, Dick kuipers

Thank you, Fritz, for your time and efforts. I'll write to Mr. Janssen when I get back from the Mardi Gras celebration in Louisiana.

I hope you continue to feel better.

Maude Ann
Plano, TX