[OL]Re: Lutherans in Dinklage

Hello Werner,

Sorry, I hit the wrong key again.

The marriage that I am refering to is one between Dethardt Struving and Hilke
Sudinck/Suding on the 12 Oct 1710.

I am trying to use this information to solve another problem. In Aug of 1774
Elis Kenkel married Joh. Heinrich Struving (his 2nd). She died in Nov 1800
aged 44yrs. This should make her birth year as 1756. I have microfilms of
Dinklage records but am unable to find her and I have looked for several years on
each side of 1856. My thinking was that if they would put such a notation on
this marriage if she was not Catholic. It would give me another avenue to

Herr Welndeln did some reserch for me several years ago. Does he still do
research for others? I may have to ask for his help.

Thank you,