[OL]Meyer family in Essener Bauernhöfe

Dear list members,

It has been suggested to me that I search in the Essen area for the town(s)
of origin for my Meyer family. I am wondering if someone could please check
the book, Essener Bauernhöfe, for the following names:

Theodor Henricus Meyer: born about 1794-1795
Hermann H. Meyer: born about 1800, married Catharina A. Schmidt in Germany,
had a son, Theodor Heinrich, born 14 May 1833 in Germany
Caspar Andreas Meyer: born about 1805
Johann H. Meyer: born about 1808

It is thought that these men were brothers or cousins. They emigrated to the
U. S. in about 1833 and lived in southwest Pennsylvania until 1850. My
sincere thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

Carolyn Reif