[OL]looking into 1870's Census?

Greetings All,

Heiko Ahlers answer raizes an interesting question. In the email of
september 4 -1870 census lookup; He wrote "...as of 1870's, every citizen
has been required to register with the 'civil register'....These records


not publicly available .....usually are only available to direct

I have been researching ancestors from Cloppenburg with success in the
Vechta church archives. My question is where and how does one research the
civil register for Cloppenburg? Would carrying the same surname be enough


a direct descendents?

For example I have information of a relative who perished in Cloppenburg
1907 (he was born elsewhere). Would it be possible to obtain his death
certificate? Or to find out about his children/wife/siblings?

I hope somebody has stumbled across this before. Thanks for your input in
Sebastian Hushoff.

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> Moin,
> the problem is that there were no censuses (is that the correct plural


> taken in Germany back then. Old censuses from the middle ages only


> 'armed' or 'taxable' males, wifes and children were not named. Later


> were, AFAIK, no censuses. These were not necessary as, at least since


> 1870's, every citizen has been required to register with the 'civil
> register'. These records are not publicly available - same goes for the
> 'census'.
> The way to go is to search the birth-/marriage-/death records of the


> church, from 1875 there are civil records. The latter usually are only
> available to direct descendents.
> Regards
> Heiko Ahlers, Oldenburg
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> >Good Morning Listers:
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> >Would someone help me out by looking at a census taken during the


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> >to see if they can find anything about the following families? I am