[OL]Herzog and Buenger families

Gentle Friends: Over the years my Oldenburg friends (you) have been quite
helpful in finding my "lost relatives". I have recently come to an "end of
line" that possibly one or more of you could help me extend. My 4th ggp are Johan
Herzog, born about 1720 in Damme and his wife, Anna Maria Buenger, who was
born about 1723, also in Damme. They married about 1747 in Damme.
          What I would like to know is the exact dates of these events, and
possibly their dates of death. More importantly, l would like to know the
names, birthdates, date of marriage and the places of these same events of their
parents, and also similar information on the siblings of my ancestors.
          Thank you so much. David Nearon

Hello David,

have you checked the LSD films back to 1700 ? If it's not able for you then I can do it next month in the archive in Vechta.

I think your Herzog ancestors was "Heuerleute" in Damme-Borringhausen.
The origin of the Herzog's is a farm in Damme-Greven. This village was divided 1817 to Damme and Vörden.
But in the part of Damme is still a farm Herzog on the street between Damme and Vörden.
Here the address:

  Bernard Herzog, Bauer Phone(05491) 2264
  Greven 10
  49401 Damme


Hello David,

for long time was our archive in Vechta closed, but now is it open again and I checked yesterday some records.

In your case I checked the marriage register 1742 - 1752 and found only this record:

oo 20.Nov.1746 Damme, Herm. Herzog to Berding Anna Maria

and this record of birth:

* 25.Sept.1721, Joes Herman Hertzog, parents: Joh. Herman Hertzog - Maria Schlarmann

no Berding or Buenger records of birth in this time frame.

Joes and Johan is the same, also Herm and Herman and Herzog and Hertzog.

Please check your source again.