[OL]Here's that word, "Wege" again!

Sorry that this is my second post today.

In my search for the Darenkamp family of Cloppenburg, Crapendorf,
Lankum, etc. I keep running into records with the word 'Wege" in them.

The first time was on his marriage record to Anna Maria Adelheid
Scheve in November 1789. Someone translated it for me. He is listed as
Henne or Henre Wege Darenkamp, from Lankum.

The second time it appears is on his burial record in 1839. This
record translates: I Henrich Darrenkamp Anbauer auf dem Wege nach

Now, it looks to me like the word Wege is appearing on Anna Maria
Adelheid Scheve's burial record.

Have I been overlooking an important clue?

Someone suggested that they might have lived on a Wege farm? So maybe
the reason why I cannot find record of his baptism in 1859 is because
he changed his name? There are no Wege families in this churchbook,
but there are Wehage.

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Buffy