This is the wrong list for you. Kloster Lage and Rieste is located in Osnabrück county, you should go to Hannover-List.

The name Gortemoller or all variation of this you can't find in Germany.
But the German phone directory (www.teleauskunft.de) shows in Rieste this address of a farmer:

Tangemann-Stickfort, Aloys Bauer phone (05493) 241
  49597 Rieste

There you can find also 3 Korte addresses.


Dear Mr. Honkomp,
    Thank you for your insight. Some folks have said that the name of Gortemoller is not correct in Germany. In this
country two branches of the family spell the name in two different ways. Goettemoeller and Gottemoller. We have a few
souls who spell it Gottemoeller. I will try to contact the person whose address you gave me, but the Tangemann line has
been rather well researched. That family lived in Neuenkirchen by Vorden from the 1600's and are so recorded in the church
records. It is the Becker-Gottemoller family that is the mystery. Elizabeth Tangemann went to Vorden to marry Mr. Korte,
was widowed and then married Johann Heinrich. I Have read through microfilms with the emigrants from OLdenburg but could
not find them. Now I know I may have been in the wrong area. Osnabruck is where I will look next. Thank you very much.
Do you have any suggestions for the surname Johann Heinrich may have had, if Gortemoller is not correct. Thank you
Sophie Gottemoller

Werner Honkomp wrote:


For research in Voerden kirchebbucher or stadt records you are just below
Oldenburg and into Osnabrueck. Sadly, these records were not made available
to LDS for photo-copying.

I am currently having a professional genealogist research in Osnabrueck for
my possible ancestor, from Vorden, who emigrated to Cincinnati.

The Osnabrueck Catholic Diocesan Archives are available for personal
research by appointment only, ten weeks or so in advance. Write to my
personal email address if you care to follow through further.

Bob, rniehaus@mindspring.com

Hi Bob,
    My ancestors certainly placed themselves in areas where information is not
widely available. My Dad came from Bialystok, Poland where the Bishops did not
allow the LDS to microfilm either. Fortunately, the pastor at his parish is
cooperative- I will know shortly.
    Any information you can give me about methods of research are greatly
appreciated. I would have to check with my husband about the cost of a
professional but it would be cheaper than a trip to Germany (which I would love
but....). Jack is having a "seeding" procedure for prostate cancer on Thursday
and so any long range plans are out. But please tell me how to go about
arranging for a professional, as well as costs involved. Thank you.

Bob Niehaus wrote:


Please email me directly at: rniehau@mindspring.com. I will send info
privately to you. Bob