[OL]Fr.David Hoying

Dear Sir,
        I understand that you might be able to help me in regards to
Clemens Heckmann from Minster, Ohio. there were not many Clemens
Heckmans and Bernadine Schilmoeller's with those names. I don't know if
you are any relation, but I did receive information that was limited from
a very nice lady named Rita Hoying. She had told me she had dates for
these folks, but would let me know later, after she double checked them.
I am sure she is very busy, and I am very impatient. These are the names
she gave me.
John Clemens Heckman died July 23, 1885 married Bernadine Schilmoeller
died May 20, 1880
John Clemens
Mary Ann
She said that Three of these died as infants. I know that Anton did, he
was five months and five days old and died of convulsions. I have these
dates for these people.
Henry-? I have a date on him, but have to make sure he is the same guy.
His parents are Clemens Heckmann and Bernadine Scheuemueller
Bernard-1858 1857-1931
Clemens Jr.Feb 26, 1865
Caroline-July 21, 1871
John(Johann) April 11, 1867
Charles- 1875
Josephine-April 11, 1867
        I also have info on Clemens second marriage and their children.
        I am sure there are more. I have most of the spouses info, but
not a whole lot. If I knew for sure where they came from, I could begin
the search in that area. Rita did not give me much more than what you
see, probably because that is all she had.
        Another source, a gentleman by the name of Ralph Sturwold, gave
me this information.
Johann Clemens Heckmann (Or a derived there of ) born 1831 d. 7/23/1887
,I have been searching for was married in St. Lawrence church in
Cincinnati, Ohio. He was married to an Elizabeth Sturwold (Lizette) on
11/16/1880. This was his second marriage. He had an Elizabeth born June
10, 1882 and a Joseph born October 1, 1884 and Died October 16, 1886.
There is a Rosa, not sure how she fits in.
        So you see the dates don't match up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,