[OL]Eckhoff surname

Hello Joe,
I visited today the bishop archive in Vechta. I found this records in Langförden church books:

Johan Bernd Eckhof and Anna Maria Elisabeth Kenkel auf Bomhof (in Langförden)
parents of:
Fridrich Joseph Maria Eckhof, *11.Februar 1829 Langförden
married 13.Februar 1855 in Langförden to
-- Maria Elisabeth Lamping, *23.Januar 1832 in Langförden
   (parents Johann Fridrich Lamping - Maria Anna Thole in Heuer auf Bomhof)
- Clemens *04.April 1855 in Langförden-Bomhof
- August *5.Juni 1864 in Langförden-Bomhof
- Johann Joseph *8.Juni 1867 in Langförden-Bomhof

"auf Bomhof" or "Heuer auf Bomhof" say, both families, Eckhof and Lamping works as Heuerleute on the farm "Gut Bomhof" in Langförden. "Gut Bomhof" is a big farm with fruit plantations (apples, pears, cherries etc.) and like an castle.
Please check: www.heimatverein-langfoerden.de , there you can find some pictures and under "Kontakt" an an email-adress for more information. Today is Langförden a part of the town Vechta.

I hope this help,