[ol]dinkgreve,dinkgrevesche, hoelterman, baarlage, bekebrock, von der helde

Dinkgreve, Dinkgrevesche, Hoelterman, Baarlage, Bekebrock, Von der Helde,

Dear List members,

      Another list of some more of my ancestors, My last request resulted with a couple others looking for the same names; hopefully someone will know something about some of these.

  1… Johann DINKGREVE, ? - 1688, from Addrup and Margaretha DINKGREVESCHE, ? - 1671, were my gggggg grandparents.
  2… Henrich DINKGREVE, 1643 - 1692, and Catherina HOELTERMANN, were my ggggg grandparents. All I know about Catherina is that she was born and married in Wulfenau.
  3… Gerdt BARLAGE, ? - 1659, and ??? were my ggggggg grandparents. Their son, Diederich BARLAGE, 1639 - 1710, married Catherina BEKEBROCK. I know nothing more about her, my gggggg grandmother.
  4… Johan DINKGREVE, 1636 - 1690, and Anna Margaretha von der HELDE, ?- 1734, were my gggggg grandparents. He was from Addrup and she was from Uptloh.
I wish I could include more about these ancestors but the above is what I knoW about them. If anyone is researching any of these family names, I would be glad to send you a list of the other members of these families.

Feliz Natal e Ano Novo.

Fr. Maurie